Major Projects

Fermion has a consistent track record of successfully delivering projects that they have been entrusted with. Standing testimony are an array of projects that threw up many kinds of challenges that included fast track deliveries, technical complexities, harsh environments, cost effective solutions, varied engineering standards & practices and much more.


  • New Skim and buffer Tanks installation project at B-Block Station at Daleel Petroleum LLC.
  • Flow assurance study for Mazoon Pipeline from Mazoon field to DPS for Deleel Petroleum LLC.
  • Transient analysis for water transfer Pipeline from DPS to B-Block Station for Deleel Petroleum LLC.
  • Staggered blow down study for NGL facilities station at Basrah gas company, Iraq.
  • Fire water network hydraulics and surge analysis for birth #6 fire production at MIC port for Qatar petroleum.
  • Various safety studies for Qatar petroleum refinery BID proposal support.
  • Provision of Pipeline Design, Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning - BID proposal support.
  • Basrah NGL-Flare Radiation and Dispersion analysis project.

Project Based Support

Work methodology in the probable event of an occasional need for CAD, CAM, CAE, Design and Engineering services outsourcing, or would like to first try working with Fermion engineering technologies before committing to longer term outsourcing, then this model is suitable. Under this model, we will be working directly through our dedicated project manager (rather than a dedicated team) for project co-ordination and workflow. The project manager is the key to maintain continuity between multiple projects and to help outsourcing work for our clients seamlessly.

Dedicated Partnership Support

This approach will address the fear of outsourcing inefficiencies. Where our clients have an on-going and regular need for CAD/CAM/CAE, Design or Engineering support, the Dedicated Partnership Model remains a better model to meet the need. Under this model, most of the clients start off with outsourcing a single project (Project based model) and eventually commit to the partnership model. This is not only cost-effective, but also worthy in the long run.

service for Training & Development and Technical Staffing

This model is ideal for projects that demands intense collaboration or interaction on a continual basis or if there is a customer specific requirement. Through this model, the onsite manager works from the customer site and coordinates project related aspects with the ODC (Offshore Development Centre) and the customer. The onsite presence may involve a single resource or an entire project services team, based on the nature, size, and complexity of the development initiative.

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